Modern Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

modern kitchen cabinet HD 1

Modern kitchen is not always sleek and polished; it can also combine rustic and contemporary elements. Modern kitchen cabinet refacing ideas for this style combine several elements that are sometimes contrasting, creating eclectic look. Rustic kitchen brings warmth and familiar feeling in one of the most important rooms in a house, while contemporary kitchen brings modern and sleek touch, reflecting practicality. So, why not combining both of them in one […]

Wooden Closet in Ergonomic Design

wooden closet HD 6

This wooden closet in chic style is designed by Hosun Ching. The closet design is suitable to the minimalist interior emphasizing on the practical look. This closet is not only sleek, it is also ergonomic. The simple style does not make the utility of this closet is reduced. This closet can be used to store any kind of things. The exterior look of this closet is simple and practical. Light […]

Modern Home Incorporating Natural and Contemporary Theme

modern home theme HD 9

Ralston Avenue Residence gives the impression that a modern home can be designed in the sophisticated style by mixing the natural theme and the contemporary style. Natural theme is applied as the home exterior white the modernistic style is applied in the interior design. The exterior design is structured from the natural elements such as the red bricks and the wooden materials. The exterior wall is from brick materials. Wooden […]

Workspace Ideas in Sophisticated Layout

workspace ideas HD 15

Looking at these workspace ideas we will know that the ultramodern concept is sophisticatedly designed in this interior design. The application of the soft colors and the bold colors or the combination of both can create the stylish look of this ultramodern home office. The workspace located under the staircase brings the modern flair with the application of the modern colors. Black and white is the main color themes applied […]

Traditional Kitchen in Updated Style

traditional kitchen HD 4

Is traditional kitchen is the kitchen style that you are going to be employed in your home kitchen? If so, you should check these kitchens that are designed in traditional design. The designs require some principles that you need to apply to make the true traditional accent is emerged in the kitchen design. The farmhouse kitchen is the most suitable inspiration to be brought in this classic design. The kitchen […]

Amazing Unique Arrangement for Home Library

unique arrangement HD 14

This unique arrangement for home library can give you the inspiring alternative in designing the library interior in your house. The interior color themes are chosen in unique and stylish ways. Both colors application and the designs are employed in unique style in this home library interior. Black and white is applied in this contemporary home library designed in minimalist style. This color application is suitable for the ultramodern design […]

Interior Flooring from Wooden Structure

Interior flooring HD 5

Determining interior flooring should be done in careful ways. It is because the floor also determines the interior look. Employing wooden flooring for the interior can be the choice for those would like to have the warm accent in the interior design. However, choosing the wooden flooring color is not easy, whether you would like to employ the light colored wood or the bold colored wood. The option can depend […]