Interior Flooring from Wooden Structure

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Determining interior flooring should be done in careful ways. It is because the floor also determines the interior look. Employing wooden flooring for the interior can be the choice for those would like to have the warm accent in the interior design. However, choosing the wooden flooring color is not easy, whether you would like to employ the light colored wood or the bold colored wood. The option can depend […]

Wooden Floor Cleaning Tips

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The interior design with wooden floor always has the elegant and classy style. Problems rise if sometime we have difficulties in cleaning it. Floor made from wood has different structure with the tile or concrete flooring. This wood floor needs special treatment that is famous with the difficult methods. However, with these tips, cleaning wood floor is not the hard task anymore. These tips will make you clean the floor […]

Mountain Home in Airy Design

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Contemporary concept is displayed by the design of this mountain home name Mountain Range Home. Located in New Zeeland this mountain residence can be the icon of the mountain house designed in the updated design. The home design is adjusted with the landscape and the natural setting. Although it is designed in modern concept, this home is perfectly connected with the nature surrounding. Glass elements are applied in this home […]

Decoration Style in Middle Eastern Style

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Middle Eastern touch can be the beautiful features to be applied as decoration style in home interior. When today most of the home style uses contemporary decoration, this Middle Eastern decoration should be tried as the other decoration variation. Middle Eastern characteristics are very strong especially if they are applied in the decorative items. Geometrical pattern is one of the Middle Eastern design characters. This geometrical item is applied on […]

Pantry Organizer for Clean Look

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If you would like to have effective pantry organizer, you should check these ideas. These will make your pantry looks free-cluttered and stylish. Modern organizer needs effective savvy organizers. These are the tips of making your pantry has clean look and style. Before your arrange everything in your pantry, first of all, you need to clean out all of the things in the pantry. First think first in organizing the […]

Chairs for Interior Design and Furniture

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What kinds of chairs for interior design to be applied for your lovely interior designs? In this article, we provide some iconic chairs styles of Barcelona. The Barcelona iconic chairs are designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as the part of the World Arts Fair in Barcelona. Here are various styles of that kind of chair. In decorating the interior home design, the Barcelona iconic chairs are magnificent enough […]

Home Architecture Design with Fresh Garden

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Nowadays, this nice home architecture design is usually used for many people. The people love that architecture and design, so that, they feel comfort stay in that home. Moreover, there is fresh garden in this house. It can make the people love to enjoy their time in the garden with family. Well, if you want to know about it like the other people. You can see these pictures here. These […]